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Katy’s Korner opened in December 1998 and has since become a staple of the San Ramon community. The secret to our success? Great, quality food, friendly service, and homey decorum.

The bottom line at Katy’s has, and always will be, making sure our customers leave satisfied and look forward to the next time they can come back.

Starting from humble begins, Katy’s has been owned and operated by the same family for over 20 years.

Ari Georgsson immigrated to California from Iceland in the year 1977 where he would begin his extensive career in the restaurant industry. Working for some of the finest resorts in the Carmel area, Ari honed his skills that first bore fruit in the shape of Katy’s Place in Carmel by the sea.

After seeing this design work well Ari and wife Benedikta (Benný) decided it was time to make a move to an up and coming area, San Ramon, to establish themselves as restauranteurs.

After months of preparation Katy’s Korner opened in December 1998, in the same location it currently sits.

Katy's Korner

With master chef Ari in the kitchen, and Benny in the dining room the pair began a now life-long dynasty.

Katy’s has become an institution of the San Ramon neighborhood and is seen today as a must stop for anyone visiting the area.

Following the success of Katy’s Korner Ari, Benny, and their children expanded to a second location in Walnut Kreek called Katy’s Kreek.

Carrying on the family legacy as well, Anton Axelsson, took the experienced gained from Katy’s farther north and opened the Old Barn Kitchen in Paradise, CA. It seems anyone can enjoy the classic American breakfast fare with the Icelandic flare that Ari and family have been serving for decades.

Thank you to all the patrons over the years who have helped establish Katy’s, we look forward to serving you in the years to come!

Ari Georgsson - Chef and owner

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